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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The gamers of tomorow

avoiding all temptation to carry on the discussion of female protagonists, i ventured into my stack of games looking for somthing to play while i thought of somthing to write about. Eventually it hit me in the face, almost literally as it fell of my shelf. Guilty gear 2: overture.

My girlfreind at the time had bought me it for christmas last year, or perhaps the one before. It was somthing i'd never heard of at the time and she knew nothing about games she just went on the box art. Its a game i really enjoyed playing but not somthing i'd of usually picked up. i remember back in the days of playstation 1 me and my cusion would go to the local store and pick up a game each every week. A game we'd heard nohthing about before and some of them ended up being our favorite games.

It got me thinking that with the prices of games today, do the younger folk ever really get the chance to go into a store to just pick up a random game and get introduced to a new title. Im not blaming them in the slightest for not expanding their horizons, if i could only buy 1 game every couple months i'd definatly look up reviews and go with what the mainstream seem to agree on. I suppose i just worry because some of my best gaming memories were in those random games that only me and my cusion would know anything about.

I know were not supposed to trade games anymore but i used to all the time and the sheer variety you could get from the titles your freinds would pick up when they went to buy their game for the week. You were able to build up a pretty firm knowledge of each type of game whereas today when i talk to the little people i get responses like "i play fps" or "yeah im a platform fighter". Its okay to have somthing that you specialise but to play one genre exclusivly seems like they'd be missing out on alot. If you only ever listened to the chart music you'd never find some of the best bands that are out there today.

Im not looking for a solution, i just think its abit of a shame that the idea of picking up a random buy is such a big risk to them in todays world. If i had bought Guilty gear 2 overture for myself i think id be pretty happy with the fun it gave me and the uniqueness of it but if the one game a month kid who's used to the mainstream picked it up he might be kinda pissed.

in conclusion i guess they dont know what they're missing so they wont be bothered about it in the same way we dont care about cult movies untill we've seen them. But the next time a young member of your family wants to borrow a game try throwing them somthing a little different and let me know how it works out.

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